Foshan Gobest Co. Ltd. is located in 6th floor,Block 1, 109 Fenjiangnan Road, Chancheng, Foshan, Guangdong, China.

The company is nearby Exit C of the Lanshi station of Guangfo subway .  
The company is mainly engaged in the following export business :

1) Tiles, tiles’ machinery and sanitary ware

2) furniture products

3) textiles, clothing commodity

4) kitchen ware

5) hardware products

6) electronic products .
Foshan Gobest Co. Ltd., was founded in January 2014, mainly engaged in tiles’ export business. 

Managing director is Katherine who was engaged in foreign trade for more than 20 years.  

All employees have been working in the large import and export companies for 3 to 10 years , qualified with a master's degree, undergraduate  and  college education.


In 2016,  our  amount  for export  business  was  more  than  USD 18,000,000.00 . 


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